Our firm assists you in meeting your tax obligations.  We can also draw up your VAT returns, corporate tax returns, personal income tax, legal entity income tax…

We can also assist you with your various tax audits.  During these audits we represent you, while not forgetting that your job is first and foremost to develop your activity.  We make sure that these audits are carried out with minimum impact on the day-to-day management of your activities.

Taxation is a subject in constant evolution. That is why we consider continuous training of our collaborators as a top priority.  We also keep you informed of any new tax legislation and especially of the impact this may have on your activities so that you can, when applicable, stay ahead of the curve.

Finally, we help you optimize your tax situation, in particular by analysing the taxation aspect of each of your decisions so that these may be made with full knowledge of the consequences.

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