We assist you during the incorporation of your business or association (type of company, articles, etc.…).

We help you in the drafting and analysis of your financial plan as required by law.  We also stand by you during your banking negotiations.

Throughout the life of your business, we assist you in writing the minutes of the ordinary as well as extraordinary general assemblies, along with the formalities of publication if necessary.

With the successive crises, entrepreneurs find more and more difficulties arising.  A legislative arsenal exists for these entrepreneurs (commercial credit enquiry with the commercial court, judicial reorganisation procedure, bankruptcy, ...).  We accompany you in these different procedures whilst keeping in mind that, very often, it is your personal wealth that is at stake and therefore needs to be protected as much as possible.

Our office works in tight collaboration with different law firms, notary offices, auditing companies, …  

Our goal is for you to have a global overview of the acts you wish to submit without having yourself to deal with all the people involved in these procedures.

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